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Chainstitch Embroidery, Engravure, Stencil Lettering

Our focus is the design and manufactory of casual men’s products crafted with vintage machines and almost forgotten techniques. With these old machines we also offer live customization – we bring our vintage machines to your retail store or event space and customize products for your guests.

Customization is a great option to excite your customers directly with a memorable experience and personalized products that really feel like their own. A charming name embroidery can enhance the value of a simple merch bag and make it an all-time favourite. A custom engraved badge is an unique and chic goodie that nobody else has. A pre-season shirt re-designed and upcycled with stencil lettering is a great way to show that your company is connecting creativity with sustainability.

Experience-driven retail is the key to stay on trend and relevant by entertaining your customers. Creative activation concepts pave the way to your store as a cultural hub and destination.

Custom chainstitch embroidery:
We have a chainstitching machine from 1900. The machine is hand operated, guided freehand without a computer by turning a crank handle. We can literally write with the machine. You know this „handwritten“ embroidered names from vintage racing suits, varsity jackets, bowling shirts or workwear of the era before 1970. We bring our vintage embroidery machine and customize for the guests on give-aways like a totebag or bandana as well as on products like denim-jackets, trousers, socks, gloves or caps.

Custom engraved badges:
We have a manual engraving machine from 1960. With the help of stencil typefaces we can quickly set a custom name or date and engrave it into the shiny metal. The badge has the typical subculture-vibe of the 1980s and punk era but with a high-quality look and feel.

Custom stencil lettering:
We have a manual stencil cutter from 1950 which was used for marking bags and barrels in the Hamburg harbour. Since the late 19th century stenciling was the most common method of printing information on materials, garments, boxes, cars and other industrial equipment in an easy and fast way. Especial in the USA stenciling was used to mark military clothing and equipment. During the Vietnam War, the youth expressed their anti-war statement by wearing vintage military clothing. Original vintage military clothes like the U.S. Navy Deck Jackets, sweat shirts or watch caps are highly sought after collectors' items and the stencil lettering is an often quoted design element in fashion.
By turning a wheel each letter or number is selected and cut out of a paper card. The paper stencil is then used to paint through directly on the material. The stencil machine is easy and fun to use to personalize shirts, sweaters and bags to get this unique, cool and vintage military look & feel. Stenciling is a great option to re-design and upcycle pre-season textiles. This customization action shows in a fun way that your company is connecting creativity with sustainability.


  • Stance Socks, London
  • SEEK Trade Show, Premium Exhibitions, Berlin
  • Denimdays, Amsterdam 
  • Modefabriek, Amsterdam
  • New Heritage Festival, München
  • Wheels & Waves, Biarritz
  • The Heritage Post General Store, Düsseldorf
  • Kustom Kulture, Herten
  • CLOSED, Hamburg (Closed Store Berlin, Closed Store Groningen, Closed Sommerfest, Breuninger Stuttgart, Bailly Diehl Mainz, Fashion House Fehmarn, Modehaus Zinser Offenburg, Graubner Lüneburg, Graubner Solln, Moda Princessa Bad Kreuznach)

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Customization Services – Retail & Events