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Woodtype & Letterpress

Content: Making a limited edition Woodtype Poster

This courses included the following techniques and steps:

  • Typesetting with lead letters in letterpress
  • Typecasting: handcasting type “the Gutenberg way“ and machine casting with the Monotype composition caster from 1895
  • Background design: experimenting with sprayed and painted colour to easily design a nice background paper
  • Woodtype: cutting type from wood with the 1920s woodtype engraver from D. Stempel AG
  • Printing: making proofs on different printing machines like Korrex and Vandercook and printing the edition of posters on the Heidelberger Cylinder from the 1950s
Each participant was able to design the background paper individually and thus give the poster a unique character. All together the team then overprinted the designed papers with a slogan.

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