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Abandoned Singer Sewing Factory Wittenberge, Germany

The Singer Company was founded in 1851 by entrepreneur and inventor Isaac Merritt Singer and New York lawyer Edward Clark. The company quickly became the largest sewing machine manufacturer in the world. Due to high demand, the Singer Company set up a location in Germany - in Wittenberge - in 1904 and became Germany's largest sewing machine production there. From casting to assembly, all steps were carried out in the impressive building complex. At the end of World War II, the factory was completely dismantled by the Russian armed forces from 1945 to 1946. One year later, a sewing machine production started again under the name "Textima", later renamed "Veritas", with almost 400 employees. By 1989 the number of employees had risen to 3,200. Until its state liquidation in 1992, the VEB sewing machine factory in Wittenberge was the most modern sewing machine factory in the world and, with over 7 million sewing machines produced, the most successful sewing machine manufacturer in Western and Central Europe. We have a Singer postbed and a Singer chainstitch embroidery machine from 1904 in our workshop.

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