Casual handcrafted goods for men

Product care

Necklaces must be opened and closed with the closure. If you just pull them over your head, they tear.

Bangles must not be bent, they break.

Do not wear our jewelry in the water.

We did not design our jewelry with the aim to be wearable in water, under the shower, in swimming pools, spas or during sports. That’s why our materials are not waterproof.

The surface and structure of leather, textile cords, any metals and woods transform in water by natur. All textile cords shrink in warm shower water, metals tarnish, the color can run on fabrics. Chlorinated water can react with the metals causing color changes and even structural damage.

Please keep the jewelry away from acidic substances including sweat, chemicals, detergents, perfume, hairspray, soap, or lotion, as all this could harm the jewelry – metals, fabrics, leather and gemstones – and cause discoloration.

Tarnished Sterling Silver, copper, bronze and brass can be polished with a metal cleaner. 

Guarantee / warranty

We do not offer guarantee / warranty covering defects caused accidentally, by normal wear and tear, or inappropriate use e.g. use in water, own modifications, attempted repair or by failure to follow our care advice. If you wear our jewelry in water or do modifications by yourself any defect is on your own risk.

The full statutory warranty covers manufacturing and material defects for new 877 products. If your new and unworn 877 product shows a material or production failure, please contact us at


If your jewelry needs a repair, please send us a photo to  We reserve the right to deny unreasonable or impossible repair requests.

Repairs needed after 6 months from purchase and caused by personal wear and tear will incur a repair charge at the customer's expense. 

We replace the waxed cord of our Toggle bracelets for a small fee plus postage. 

We replace overstretched elastic cords of our beaded bracelets for free - you just have to pay the postage.