Casual handcrafted goods for men.

Printing shop J. J. Augustin, Glückstadt, Germany

Great to visit the printing shop „Druckerei J. J. Augustin", founded in 1632 in Glückstadt Germany. The printing company was specialized in the casting of lead type and printing of "foreign languages" at the beginning of the 20th century – including Chinese, Armenian, Pehlewi, Sanskrit, runic characters or cuneiform script - and thus became world famous. The company was closed in the 1970s, and since then the machines and type cabinets with thousands of "foreign" characters have been left untouched in the beautiful old building.

Inspired by the analog printing techniques we made a collection of shirts with hand printed woodtype lettering. Each print is unique – for every single shirt we ink, set and print each woodtype letter next to the other one by one. That makes every shirt a unique piece with a great handcrafted look. Long live analog!

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