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Textile Factory "Museum Wäschefabrik", Bielefeld, Germany

Great to visit the Museum Textile Factory "Museum Wäschefabrik" in Bielefeld which was left in original condition since its closing in the 1980s. They produced bed linen, table cloth and garments with embroidery.

After the boom in the 1950s, the orders went back in the 1960s. The last investments were made in 1964. Due to the onset of textile crisis and the competition from large-scale industrial production, the orders and thus the workforce were constantly declining. While in the heyday of 1924 210 seamstresses were employed in the linen factory, at the end of the 1970s only four remained.

We work with the same embroidery machines like the textile factory back in the days. View our embroidered goods here!

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