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Embroidery Machine Museum Plauen, Germany

Amazing to visit the ’Schaustickerei Plauener Spitze‘ in Plauen, Vogtland, Germany.

The Vogtland region is reknown for its elaborate embroidery and intricate openwork laces. The products received a Grand Prix at the 1900 World's Fair in Paris and the embroidery production experienced its heyday. The boom continued until 1912 when more than 16,000 embroidery machines were in operation. Some embroidery companies had more than 500 employees.

After significant crises the lace production is still carried out but by fewer and smaller companies.

The museum is located in a former embroidery manufactory. Everything is still in its place since the production was shut down in 1997.

All machine embroidery techniques, from hand-operated machines to embroidery automats, are demonstrated in one place. It’s so fascinating to see the huge, loud embroidery machines in action to produce such fine and ornate textiles.

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