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Faber-Castell Manufactory, Stein, Germany

Amazing to visit the Faber-Castell manufactory in Stein, Germany, founded in 1761. With a production of around two billion wood-cased pencils per year, Faber-Castell is the world’s largest manufacturer of graphite pencils and colored pencils.

We saw the old graphite pencil lead workshop and the impressive modern production of wooden graphite pencils and colored pencils (no photos allowed) - they make around 600.000 pencils per day here.

Super impressive to see how much work and love to detail is put into each pencil e.g. each pencil is lacquered, dried and lacquered 5 times with water-based paint to get the intense dark-green color or the 120 polychromos colors.

850 employees work at this headquarter - the company has 8.000 employees in 10 countries worldwide.

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