Hendrichs Forge, Solingen, Germany

Great to visit “Gesenkschmiede Henrichs“ Forge, Industrial Heritage Museum in Solingen. The Hendrichs family firm was founded in 1886 during an economic boom in Solingen. Solingen is the centre of blade and knife manufactures in Germany since the Middle Ages. External conditions were ideal as there were limitless supplies of iron ore from the hills while the surrounding forests provided enough wood to keep the fires burning. The River Wupper and its many tributaries provided the necessary power. Solingen's drop forges caused the town to become the world’s largest producer of scissors.

The Hendrichs Drop Forge in Solingen produced scissors until 1986. The Museum took over the complete company including the buildings, technical equipment and some members of staff. All machines, the hammers, presses and milling machines, all the tools, even the workbenches for the toolmakers are still there. Even the locker room, the laundry room, the machine house or the office with the typewriter, everything is allmost unchanged. And the best: they are still producing scissors step by step with the old machines which are available in the museum’s shop. We love to use their solid and sharp scissors in our workshop.

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