Mueller Cloth Mill in Euskirchen, Germany

Wonderful to visit this great textile factory museum part of the LVR Industrial Museums.

In 1894 Ludwig Mueller purchased the building and set up a cloth mill. The whole process of production from spinning and dying the merino wool to weaving was brought together under one roof. Like most other regional factory Mueller offered coarse woolen cloth, loden and uniform cloth.

The machinery – bought in the years around 1900 – and the new steam engine from 1903 set the production on a firm basis. This equipment remained unchanged until the factory shut down. After Mueller's death in 1929, his son Kurt Mueller led the factory. In 1961, the factory was finally closed due to lack of orders.

Despite the shutdown of the cloth factory, Kurt Mueller hoped to start production again one day. During the following years nothing happened in the factoryl.

In 1988 the Rhineland Museum of Industry seized the opportunity and took over a completely fitted factory nearly untouched since the last day of work in 1961.

During guided tours through the factory, the old machinery from around 1900 is set in action.


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